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We invest in the latest technology in regards to eye care and eye wear.  We want you to see the BEST through innovative technology.

Our Services

Dr. Leung's specialties include eye health related issues and contact lenses. She provides comprehensive vision exams for adults and children age 3 and above, complete neurological computerized testing, dilated retinal evaluations, treatment of dry eye disease, contact lens fittings, co-management of laser, cataract and refractive surgery and is board certified to treat eye disease. 

We customize spectacle lenses for hard to fit patients and patients with high prescriptions.

​We offer frame styling to complement your lifestyle. We welcome and fill outside eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions.  

If you have red eyes, irritated eyes, dry eyes, and other eye health issues, we can take care of that here.  

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Comprehensive eye exams

Make sure your eyes are healthy and your prescription up to date.  Eye exams assure you a lifetime of good vision!  We not only check how you are seeing but check the health of your eyes.  Eyes are also involved with many disease processes.  Make sure you get your eye exam yearly.

Pediatric and Children eye exams

The ability to learn and gain knowledge in school starts with good vision.  Proper vision care is crucial for your child's success in class and learning process.  We also offer corneal molding lenses (ortho K) to prevent the progression of myopia.  See more information under contacts

Lasik Surgery / PRK

We offer FREE lasik consultations during your eye exam.  We maintain a great working relationship with our local laser center assuring you a great result after surgery.  Save yourself time by allowing us to co-manage your care after lasik.

Managing eye strain, Eye diseases and Dry Eye

If you spend more than 5 hours in front of a computer, you are prone to eye strain.  We can make sure you are seeing your best at work.  We are able to treat your pink/red eyes, dry, itchy, or irritated eyes.  We can help you get through these eye irritations and maintain your eye health.  We monitor for diabetes in your eye (diabetic retinopathy), Macular degeneration, Cataracts and much more including dry eyes and allergies.

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Lorina Leung, OD


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