Contacts & Eye health

We specialize in fitting difficult to fit patients with abnormal corneas due to Keratoconus and more


Soft Contacts with Astigmatism
We have expertise in fitting you with soft, toric, gas-permeable, scleral and hybrid lenses

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Dual Soft & Hard Lens

Hybrid lenses: provides you the best vision with the comfort of soft lenses. Huge benefit for patients with high prescriptions or prescriptions with higher astigmatism. Don't tolerate "okay" vision with your contacts. Try them today.

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Keratoconus and Scleral Lens
Scleral lens fit over the white of the eye instead of the cornea, making them ideal for people with abnormal corneas.  
We can fit difficult to fit corneas such as Keratoconic eyes or eyes that have gone through trauma or corneal transplant with Scleral or Hybrid lenses. 

Do you want to treat your child's nearsightedness without Glasses? We Specialize in Ortho K.


Dr. Leung is trained in Orthokeratalogy - custom-made gas-permeable molding lens your child wears overnight, so they can have corrected vision without needing to wear contacts or glasses during the day.  

What makes Ortho-K a promising treatment for childhood myopia?

Is your child's prescription going up every year? Myopia is not merely just wearing glasses or contacts, it puts your child at risk for Glaucoma, Retinal detachments, and macular degeneration.  Ortho K is one of the great technology to prevent or slow down the progression of myopia in children.  Ortho K reduces risk for blinding conditions later in life.  It is also for adults!  Are you tired of wearing correction lenses during the day?  Eyes dry with contact lens wear?  Consider corneal molding lenses.  Enjoy clear vision without glasses or contacts.  More information here.

Is your child a good candidate for Ortho-K?

Anyone with mild to moderate nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism are a good candidate.  Because Corneal Reshaping Therapy (another name for Ortho K) is non-invasive, there is very little risk and your child may stop treatment at anytime.  Furthermore, Ortho K is great for people otherwise too young for LASIK.  

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Dry eye

We also help you with EYE irritation, Red eyes, Dry eyes

Currently,  experts estimate that more than 25 million people across the United  States will suffer from some form of dry eye disease. There are several  different forms of dry eye that people can suffer from, and the  condition that you are exposed to will generally determine your  symptoms. Approximately $3.8 billion is currently spent on various forms  of dry eye relief across the United States alone, and experts within  clinical practices generally recognize that dry eye is the most frequently seen and common form of eye diseases.

Fortunately,  as new technologies become available, we are learning brand new ways to  fight against the problems associated with dry eyes, as well as  uncovering new ways to more accurately diagnose specific forms of dry  eye and the root causes. From this more specific approach to  diagnostics, it is possible to tailor targeted therapies that allow for  patients to be more effectively treated over time. CONTACT US for therapies to help you with your dry eyes.  You don't have to put eye drops in every time your eyes are dry.  Ask us how.