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Topcon Fundus Camera


 Our new digital retinal imaging uses high-resolution imaging systems to take pictures of the inside of your eye.

Retinal photography helps the doctor assess the health of your retina as well as assisting in the detection and management of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration.

Finding retinal disorders as early as possible is critical to potentially preventing serious disease progression and even vision loss.  

​Zeiss Matrix Visual Field :


 A visual field analyzer is a very sophisticated, computerized instrument that check for loss of sight and
ares of missing or decreased vision. Visual fields testing helps in the diagnosis of glaucoma (which, in later
stages, is characterized by a loss of peripheral and central vision): it helps in determining some retinal and
neurological problems associated with diabetes, tears, holes, detachments, macular degeneration, and
even tumors. It helps us better diagnose causes of headaches that may be ocular related.

The visual field helps us better determine the overall health and functioning of the internal eye and related optic pathway within the brain. It is very helpful to determine if more in depth testing may be necessary in other conditions, such as glaucoma 

Best lens options


Not all lenses are the same!  We provide the latest and greatest technology in lenses.  These include the best anti-glare coatings such as Crizal Avance, PureCoat by Zeiss, Hoya Recharge lenses, Transition  7 and Much more!  If you are wearing glasses daily, you will want to see the clearest, invest in your vision and get the best!

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New innovative dry eye treatments


Using a lot of drops ALL the time?  You don't have to! We have many treatment options.   With everyone in front of screens all the time, your tear film is compromised, causing dry irritated eyes or blurred vision.  We have many new treatments we can provide for you to help including: Punctal plugs, specialty eye drops and more.  

Read here for more information about dry eyes:  click HERE